Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Family Night Journal

Grand baby #1 is getting old enough to really enjoy Family Home Evening.  For those who do not know what that is, here is a brief explanation:  Mormons (I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is often referred to as Mormon) believe that the family is the most important organization on the earth.  It is ordained of God and is meant to be eternal.  So... there is a great deal of emphasis on creating wonderful families. One of the  key factors is spending quality time together.  Hence... Family Home Evening.  This is a night, traditionally on Mondays, where the family gathers together and plays games, sings and studies the gospel.  It always ends with yummy refreshments.  Everyone takes turns planning each part of the evening and everyone throughly enjoys themselves.

I decided to make a Family Home Evening Journal for K.'s family
 to record all the fun things they do throughout the years.

First I made a happy little house out of card stock,
which will be the cover for the journal.

Next I wrote up an agenda for a traditional Family Night.
(They will probably need to modify it to fit the children's attention span.)

Now everything is placed in a notebook 
with a clear cover.

I will also insert the Family Proclamation,
(for more information on this document go to

Finally I will add the Gospel Art Book
and Family Home Evening Resource Manuel
filled with wonderful ideas for successful Family Nights.

Ready for the post.

We've had many Family Night Journals through the years in our family.  It is wonderful fun to go back and read the crazy games the kids thought up and the beautiful lessons my sweetheart and the children taught to us.  It's fun to see how the family grew and things became a little crazier and then a little more serious.  Family Night is an inspired program that can bring any family closer together.
I highly recommend it!!!

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    As I just found out about your blog, I have been happily reading over it to catch up for the last half hour. What a treat!!!!
    I could have commented on about every post, but did not want to be tedious. But on this one...I had to tell you what a difference this little Family Home Evening agenda book has made in our family. As we look back, so many of your great ideas have become our traditions too and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your friendship and leadership to the Foulk family!!!
    We love you all!!!