Friday, 20 June 2014

Hollywood Dinner

Sometimes ward activities can be pretty predictable
but this one was really fun...
eight different rooms were decorated in movie themes
and the host and hostesses fed their guests
appropriate food for their theme.
Matt and Austin (the only youth to attend) did:
"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters"
and they fed their guests classic Greek food
(I've never seen this movie)...

another couple hosted "James Bond"
and served lovely English food..

and we hosted,"The Hobbit"
where we served...well...
hobbit food...
warm crusty bread, lots of cheeses and leafy salads,
warm stuffed mushrooms
a yummy pot roast, small red potatoes with lots of carrots...
(we just had to decide what hobbit food was
 because try as I might
I couldn't find any recipes for hobbit cuisine).

I regret that I didn't get a chance to photograph all the rooms
but each one was well done and completely different.
It was so fun making our room feel like a tiny hobbit house
  and wear silly homemade hobbit costumes.
The guests enjoyed all different kinds of food and fun
as they traveled from one movie to the next for their entrees
depending on their ticked schedule.
What a creative and interesting activity.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

Sacred Day

Dani and John were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple
February 22, 2014.
Dressed in white, their family was untied for eternity.
Ashlee was sealed to her parents 
and the line is complete.
What a blessing the restored gospel is,
which enables us to make eternal covenants
 that bind us to God and to each other.
All God's children are a family.
We are brother and sisters, 
children of an eternal Father
who delights in loving family relationships.
The family is central to our 
Heavenly Father's plan for His children.
He meant for us to establish relationships 
that would last forever, not 'till death do us part'.

It was a glimpse of Heaven to walk into the Holy Temple
and watch a family become eternal.

A truly sacred day.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Twenty Two

Happy Birthday, Dan!
Hope this year is full of 
good health,
 and lots of love.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sister's Tea

My sweet mother has always done a great job
of creating activities that gather the family together.
We have our yearly Family Reunion
which has become a wonderful 4th of July tradition.
We have our yearly Christmas Family Night
(which we seldom attend due to our east coast abode)
but the rest of the family wouldn't miss.
And finally we have our yearly Sister's Tea.
This is where all Mom's daughters and daughters-in-law
get together and do all kinds of girlie things.
This year the theme was "Loving to Read"
and we made little books 
with each of our favorite books listed inside.
We also made bookmarks of all shapes and sizes.
Then we brought a few new books we were reading
and shared them briefly with each other to add to our lists.
After our activities we have a formal "tea"
with hot punch for our tea which we drink from tea cups on saucers.
We have all kinds of delicious little sandwiches and finger foods 
 on a lovely decorated table,
followed by the most wonderful desserts imaginable.
It is all so lady-like and fun.

The best part is working together and chatting
about everything under the sun.

 The feeling of sisterhood is so sweet to me,

and I love these beautiful women with all my heart. 

When the day is over we go home with all our little treasures

and anticipate next year when we will all be together again.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


We watched the movie 'Narnia' Sunday night
and though I have seen it before, this time
I was mesmerized by the beautiful symbolism.
I felt such a powerful spirit
as Aslan walks through the crowd of jeering creatures
to sacrifice himself to save Narnia,
then when they shave him and he allows it,
then lays quietly as the witch draws her sword.
All I could think about is how noble he was
and the incredible self control it took 
not to turn on his captors.
What a beautiful portrayal of our Savior.
C S Lewis was a deeply religious man
with a marvelous understanding of
Christ's mission.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Felt and Embroidery

Here are just a few other projects I've been working on.
The first is a tiny canvas big
that I intended to hold the clothes
for the felt paper dolls I was going to put on the front.
But then I decided I wanted to do a lion and a tiger
and then I decided they didn't need clothes 
because they were so small.
So now it's just a little bag that could perhaps hold
some small plastic circus animals.
Maybe they need bow ties,
anyway they were fun to do.

This is a small felt owl that fits into an Altoid tin.
I've seen mice but I thought maybe an owl would be
a fun change.

Here is his little tin bed.