Monday, 5 November 2012

My Savior

A few thoughts about my beautiful Savior:

Jesus was a young man who loved life.
He loved people and nature and work and children.
He took great joy in the scriptures 
and His relationship with His Father in Heaven.
He was a man "acquainted with grief" but also acquainted with happiness.
He loved the repentant, the humble and the meek
and found great satisfaction in seeing others turn their lives around
and become better than they were.

He had everything to live for.

Yet he chose to die
so that the rest of us had the chance
to repent and change and become more like Him
and ultimately to live again in happiness
when this life is over.

I love Him and feel such gratitude for His sacrifice.
And so,
I will repent and change and try each day
to become a little more like Him.

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