Thursday, 6 December 2012

40th High School Reunion

My sweet husband wanted to attend his High School Reunion this year
so we headed to DC to  meet up with his old crowd.
When I say old, I mean the friends he used to hang out with
not old as in old age...hummmm.
Three of his dear friends met us for lunch and then we went to visit
one of the understanding and patient moms 
who let them all take over her basement on a nightly basis.
She was doing great and recognized everyone immediately.

That evening we went to the big "shindig" to see how everyone faired after 40 years.
Several women came up to me to tell me 
 they had had a crush on my husband all those years ago.
They said he was one of the nicest people they had ever met.
He still is.
The evening reminded me how quickly life is moving.
We are over half way done for sure.
I wouldn't go back to those young insecure years for anything.
But people like my sweetheart seem to enjoy each phase of life
and leave friends wherever they goes.


  1. He's a diamond Leslie! but then so are you!!

    1. He's a sweetie and I don't deserve him. But he wants me so there it is.