Sunday, 9 December 2012


My sweet baby sister and her cute husband
hosted the family Thanksgiving Dinner.
It was absolutely lovely...

and so yummy.
(Thanks to both of you for all your work on our behalf!!!)

The little girls had their own table
complete with cloth napkins and tiny goblets.

And low and behold
who showed up... but my long lost baby brother!
He has moved all over the country with his family
and it's hard to pin him down very long,
so it was an extra treat to visit with him.

Thanksgiving is all about family
for which I am so eternally grateful.

P.S. Who didn't think to take group pictures when this will probably be the
last time we will all be together in years.....?!


  1. I didn't think to take a group photo either! Bother!!

  2. We will never be all together again I would dare say. Sad...