Saturday, 5 January 2013

Our Beloved Trail

The Strubble Trail has been a part of our lives
for the last 19 years.

Now we come with our adult children 
and each time I take a picture
I'm amazed at how quickly the time has passed.

My baby is 16...

my little girl is grown up and planning a wedding...

 this boy...


there isn't anything he can't do...

and our other kids love it just as well.

I've walked the trail with this sweet man
as we've dreamed up plans,
pushed strollers,
riden bikes,
worked out differences,
held hands while listening to the quiet,
and followed the parade of little children
we created together.

The path, it's lovely trees and gazeboes
are all getting old
just like us...

but oh what memories we've made here.

To this day we all have to skip stones at the pond.

Dad still holds the record I believe... 

the kids still make fun of me when I point out
something pretty I want them to see... 

and it would never be a complete trail experience
 if we didn't pass the 'piggy house'
which is a little stone springhouse
my children named years ago
because it looks like
the sturdy house the last piggy brother built.

I have a feeling we will be walking this trail
till the end of our days...
Each one in the family would tell you
that the best part of living here
is our beloved trail.

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