Monday, 11 March 2013


I am finding that there is nothing so relaxing to me as embroidering.
It all started in Omaha at a Scout Auction
where I purchased a set of hand embroidered tea towels
from an elderly woman in our ward.
We ended up becoming great friends
and I spent several days sitting in her pleasant kitchen
embroidering with her.
She would tell me stories of her childhood in Utah
where her mother taught her and her sisters to embroider 
and they were expected to spend several hours at day 
doing hand work like this.
I think part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because
I will always associate it with my dear sister there.
I have embroidered and given away 9 tea towels already
and I just keep going because it is so much fun.
We used the above pattern at our Sister's Tea last month
and I loved it so much that I searched and found it on Amazon.
The little towel I purchased at IKEA.
It has a very loose weave but still workable.
I love the red strip down the sides.
Anybody need a tea towel? 

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