Friday, 15 March 2013

NYC Trip Part 2- Transportation

We spent a good part of the day on subways
making our way from one thing to the next.
This is quite an experience
especially for those unaccustomed to all the stops,
the different streets, trains and directions.
Luckily we were with some very experienced riders
and we just followed along behind. 

We also spent a great deal of time walking.
We estimated that we had covered around 10 miles by the end of the day.



  1. I get lost on the bus system here! Looks like fun, but I'm glad you had your friends to guide you. I've seen far too many crazy movies filmed on subways. I'd be clinging to my purse and looking warily at every passenger! haha! Now that we have Trax taking us from Provo to Ogden, I might have to take a train on my next visit up that direction.

  2. I was leery too, but most people just sleep or read completely unfazed.