Thursday, 21 March 2013

NYC Trip Part 4- High Line

The High Line is an example of the magnificent creativity
that is so prevalent in this city.
For years a section of the former elevated
New York Central Railroad Line
stood unused and in disrepair.
The city's desire to demolish it was countered by those who saw in it
 a potential opportunity to preserve history and raise property value
by making it into a promenade.
Thus came about this marvelous pedestrian trail.

Even in the late winter weather it was bustling with sight seers.
The designers maintained the feeling of the railroad and in many places
the old rails are still visible along the sides.
Another fun part of the trail is all the great views of the city
one can enjoy along the way.

Here is a small ice skating rink seen from the path above.

There are many chairs, benches and recliners that allow pedestrians a moment of relaxation.

The landscape designers used all the native trees
 and many of the grasses and plants  
that had seeded themselves around the original track line.

Look closely and find a little dove resting by the rail.

Even little crocus are appearing through the gravel.

I loved how the rails seems to rise right up into the benches.
So cool!!

Abruptly the walkway ends and the old railroad line continues.

I got a kick out of this poster in a window we passed.
Obviously there are a few drawbacks to having your home
sitting next to a highly trafficked walkway.


  1. Interesting... it must be one of those 'have to be there to understand' sites, as it looks sort of like a jumbled bunch of stuff. I love how Matt and his friends pose for all of your shots! Funny kids!

  2. In rereading my entry it kind of sounds like I am trying to sell the property too. Oh well....