Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Home for a Visit

We tried to get the whole gang home together this summer 
but we're ending up doing it in stages.
First Sarah and Scott arrived

and we spent some lovely time walking on our trail,

and finding the perfect rocks for skipping on the pond.
It's fun to see them enjoying things they have done since they were little.

Later we attended a Temple Session in DC.
Our kids cannot begin to know how pleased we are
that the Temple is so important to them and that they are worthy to go.

A week later Dan flew in and we were delighted to have him home too,
(That makes four out of five.)

With Dan we then headed to the Baltimore Aquarium...

 spent a couple days at the shore...

 celebrated Father's Day...

spent a day at the Franklin Institute special "Spy" display...

 ate lots of yummy food on the run...

and finally we enjoyed a great day at Hershey Park.

It was a wonderful couple of weeks and we had a ball.
I'm so pleased that the kids enjoy each other and are such 
great friends!

It's always hard when they leave 
and go back to their lives, 
so separate from us.
It's very different being parents of adult children
and I miss having my little kids around me all the time, 
but I am so proud of the wonderful people they have become.
I love them so much but
I also really like them too.

Now we are waiting for David and Hailey's visit.

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  1. What a fun trip! We have the best parents for sure xoxoxox