Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lucky Little Girl

I watched my daughter-in-law recently make a simple project with her daughter.  She had taken some cork tiles and covered them in stripes with masking tape. Then she laid out a piece of plastic on the floor and some paint on a paper plate and two sponge brushes.  She then carefully explained to her little one how she could help her make something to hang on their wall.   This sweet little girl worked and worked right along next to her and never once did her mommy correct her or redo her work.  It was an easy project and there really wasn't any way you could mess it up, but never the less not once did she make her little girlie feel less then capable of doing a lovely job.  During our last visit I saw the cork boards neatly hanging on the wall in a cool design.  Their family was using it as a sort of bulletin board for pictures and announcements.  I thought of how proud that child must feel to see her work so beautifully displayed.  I don't think I did near as well in building my children's confidence and making them feel important in this way.  I felt so blessed to have been a witness to this sweet experience and I learned a powerful lesson from this young mother.  

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