Monday, 12 August 2013

St. Michaels Get-Away

My sweet husband treated me to a few days in St. Michaels, Maryland
and it was glorious!
St. Michaels is an old fishing village that is now 
a sleepy little tourist town.

We stayed at the restored "Robert's" cottage.
(I could have moved right in permanently!)

Isn't it the cutest!!!

We slept and read and lounged, 

I even embroidered. 

We ate incredible food.

We sailed on some beautiful old boats,

We saw lots of Osprey families,

and enjoyed more great food.

We rode an old Tug Boat...

and even got to steer it!

We saw beautiful sea hibiscus,

and sea grasses.

Did I mention that we ate lots of marvelous food?

It was a perfect get-away 
and I had my handsome husband all to myself.
Did I tell you that I love this wonderful man?

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  1. What a marvelous get-away treat! You both are wonderful!!! Love you!