Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trip to the Shore

My cute daughter-in-law
was really concerned about taking her kids to the shore.
Having lived in-land all her life
and hearing all kinds of horror stories about rip-tides
she felt very nervous with the prospect of two days there.
It didn't take her long to realize that it is a perfect place
for family fun,
and we had a fantastic trip.

Everytime we have been to the shore, since our kids were little,
 they have built what they called "Fort Pointless".
This amounts to some kind of a structure surrounded by a large motte.
We found that the best place to put our littlest one was in a deep hole
which we built the motte around.
He stayed there happily till we were done.

Fort Pointless lasted just until the tide came in, as it always has,
and no amount of bailing has ever made a difference.
But that's OK
because there are many more to build
and many more memories to make.

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