Thursday, 12 September 2013

Valley Forge

We planned a fun outing after Matt's driving test
because- if he passed, it would be extra fun
and if he failed, it would take his mind off it.
So after his incredible triumph at the DMV
we hooked our bikes to the rack and headed for Valley Forge.
It was a gorgeous day and we were able to ride 
the entire loop around the park.

There are fields of thistle right now that are so lovely
and remind me of my Scottish ancestry.

The sky was especially beautiful
with low hanging clouds and the hint and smell of rain.

We circled the National Memorial Arch
which always reminds me of the all the 
Arch of Triumphs all over the world.

Then we headed down to where all the little encampment building are.
They are lonely,  forlorn looking little cabins,
that remind me of the sacrifices the soldiers made that winter of 1777-78.
Anyone who has spent a winter in Pennsylvania knows that they are
wet and miserable most of the time.
I can't imagine not having enough clothes to cover you up
and never being able to get warm.
I understand it was disease rather than the cold that was the greatest hardship.
I feel like these little buildings are more of a tribute to the men
then the arch.

I think this is the Patriots of African Descent Monument
but I'm not sure.
It always reminds me of a miniature Washington Monument,
(next time I better ride down that trail and read the sign : )

and finally we came to the Washington Memorial Chapel
where we stopped and looked at their little Chapel store 
that sells homemade goodies, a few craft items, 
and Valley Forge Souvenirs.

We didn't buy anything at the Chapel Store 
because we knew we were headed to 
It is the best ice cream store in the world!
They serve only three flavors a day, always including chocolate and vanilla,
and one novelty flavor like 'Mayan' which is chocolate with chili spices,
all made from old Swiss recipes and imported Swiss ingredients (really!)
It is amazing!

Perfect end to a perfect morning.


  1. Matt is lucky to have 'retired' parents! He gets to go on all these fun adventures with you guys.

  2. We are glad he doesn't mind going places with his two old parents.