Wednesday, 19 February 2014


We watched the movie 'Narnia' Sunday night
and though I have seen it before, this time
I was mesmerized by the beautiful symbolism.
I felt such a powerful spirit
as Aslan walks through the crowd of jeering creatures
to sacrifice himself to save Narnia,
then when they shave him and he allows it,
then lays quietly as the witch draws her sword.
All I could think about is how noble he was
and the incredible self control it took 
not to turn on his captors.
What a beautiful portrayal of our Savior.
C S Lewis was a deeply religious man
with a marvelous understanding of
Christ's mission.


  1. And all I could think about was how delicious those Turkish Delights must have tasted! I obviously have a ways to go in my spiritual development.

  2. Here is part of a wonderful letter written to the mother of a young boy, Laurence, a nine-year-old American boy who became concerned that he loved Aslan more than Jesus. She wrote care of MacMillan Pub. Co, and 10 days later received a reply. It begins:
    "Tell Laurence from me, with my love..." he continues explaining that the things he loves Aslan for doing or saying are simply the things Jesus really did and said. So that when he thinks he is loving Aslan, he's really loving Jesus: and perhaps loving Him more than he ever did before... Now if Laurence is bothered because he finds the lion-body seems nicer to him than a man body, I don't think he need be bothered at all. God knows all about the way a little boy's imagination works, and knows that at a certain age the idea of talking and friendly animals is very attractive. So I don't think he minds if Laurence likes the Lion-body...." He continues telling Laurence if he is still bothered, to pray that the feelings and thoughts if bad, might be taken away. But if not, that he might not be bothered any more by them. And include in his prayer that if Mr Lewis has worried any other children, to please forgive him. He apologizes for the trouble caused, lets her know Laurence will be in his daily prayers and asks that she write and let her know how Laurence gets on, concluding with "He must be a corker of a boy..." and that she should be "prepared for the possibility of him turning out a saint, and that "saints' mothers have, in some ways. a rough time!" C.S. Lewis - Letters to Children, another book I highly recommend for your list. Love you dear one!!! x

    1. Leslie, the post above was really from me. I just realized Beth left her google profile open on my desktop! That girl! x