Monday, 3 March 2014

Sister's Tea

My sweet mother has always done a great job
of creating activities that gather the family together.
We have our yearly Family Reunion
which has become a wonderful 4th of July tradition.
We have our yearly Christmas Family Night
(which we seldom attend due to our east coast abode)
but the rest of the family wouldn't miss.
And finally we have our yearly Sister's Tea.
This is where all Mom's daughters and daughters-in-law
get together and do all kinds of girlie things.
This year the theme was "Loving to Read"
and we made little books 
with each of our favorite books listed inside.
We also made bookmarks of all shapes and sizes.
Then we brought a few new books we were reading
and shared them briefly with each other to add to our lists.
After our activities we have a formal "tea"
with hot punch for our tea which we drink from tea cups on saucers.
We have all kinds of delicious little sandwiches and finger foods 
 on a lovely decorated table,
followed by the most wonderful desserts imaginable.
It is all so lady-like and fun.

The best part is working together and chatting
about everything under the sun.

 The feeling of sisterhood is so sweet to me,

and I love these beautiful women with all my heart. 

When the day is over we go home with all our little treasures

and anticipate next year when we will all be together again.

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