Monday, 11 March 2013

Wedding Plans

My central focus right now is Sarah's Wedding.
I've created a planner to keep me organized and on top of things.
I'm still not sure I'm doing everything I should
because my brain tends to be able to work on only one thing at a time. 
The Bridal Shower is now planned and underway for April 6th.
onto the Temple Sealing, the Open House
and the Reception in Utah.
There is so much to do:
photography, etc.
I have a file for each item and hopefully
I can keep it all going at once,
like juggling balls in the air.
It's all very fun
because it's all for my Sarah.
This will be my one and only chance to do this
and I want it just perfect for her.


  1. Nice! You are the queen of organizing and planners! I've no doubt you will bring everything about beautifully! By the way, I forgot my notebook Sunday last, and was digging around in my purse looking for my sketchbook when I remembered I don't bring it anymore! Definitely a senior moment, and I felt so lost without my little notebook. I love it dear one and have been working hard on my goals. Thank you! x

  2. Thank you for everything you have shared with me, that I now do. That's what sister are for.
    I'm so grateful for you!