Friday, 8 March 2013

Sister's Tea Utah Trip - Part 7

The weekend before I left for home
Mommy decided we should have a Sister's Tea.
It was my first in three years and it was such a treat.
The theme was 'sewing'
and as usual everything was decorated 
with careful thought and planning.
My sweet mother does love a party.

Daddy worked in his office while we did girly things,
so we took lunch down to him.

Oh, the yummy food...

and the company was outstanding!

How I love my sisters,
and my good mother.

The rest of the day was filled with all kinds of fun activities.
We made charms for necklaces
and spent hours arranging and thinking through our creations.
We embroidered tea towels in darling vintage patterns.
We watched an old movie called the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
But most fun of all, 
was being together to talk and talk and talk.
Thank you, Mom,
 for always finding ways to make the most wonderful memories.

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