Sunday, 1 September 2013

Little Girls and Horses

My little granddaughter has a thing for Maximus.
She adores him and wishes he was her horse.
So imagine her delight to find so many Maximus's
on the merry-go-round at the OC boardwalk.
It didn't matter what color they were
but interestingly 
 there were definitely horses that were Maximus
and ones that weren't.

I've seldom seen such pure delight on a little face
as she rode those beautiful steeds.

After each ride
she would stroke their muzzle
and thank them for the fine time.

But the best part were the "whinnies"-
big loud whinnies exploding from her little mouth
over and over as she rode,
completely unconcerned about anyone listening,
so absorbed was she in her joy!!!!

I love this little person.

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