Saturday, 31 August 2013

Somedays Are Like That

I woke up yesterday with a headache
and the whole day went downhill from there.
It wasn't the headaches fault,
it was the way I was feeling about everything.
I guess I was in a funk.
today I made a concerted effort
to have a grateful heart and look for the good.
Today was a lovely day.


  1. Leslie,
    I came across a painting with the name Leslie Kunz on it, apparently from 1969. I am trying to find the painter as was wondering if it was you.

  2. Hi, Bob,
    If you found it anywhere of any importance I'm sure it was not mine. Sorry.

  3. I have one of your paintings in my office.
    A good lesson about attitude. I've had a major rethink lately about how I handle difficult things. TOday was better for me too. I guess small moves, day by day are really the best way to become better people. Thank you. x

  4. Leslie,
    I found it in my attic...a polluted pond, log, decapitated doll and Piels beer can. I'll keep looking for the painter. :)

  5. I looked up my name in google and there are a lot of us. Good luck in your quest. Stop by again.