Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Writing about Phoebe reminded me of all the other little animals
we have had in our family and loved so much.
I don't think any of them were loved quite as much as Douglas,
Scott's little rat.
Douglas was a handsome rat, with soft buff colored fur
which he cleaned constantly
and a tiny pink nose and ears.
Douglas also had very deep red eyes
that appeared black most of the time and very wise.
One of the unique things about Douglas was his ability to stay put.
Consequently, Scott carried him around everywhere 
from the minute he got home from school until bedtime.

Douglas must have been a great listener, a loyal confidant,
and a true friend
to have earned such love from my growing boy.

Douglas loved other people too
but by far, Scott was his favorite.

Douglas has been gone from us for many years now,
but to this day, 
I know there is a soft spot in my grown boy's heart
for that little creature.


  1. I remember Douglas! The picture of him crawling on Scott's head is so funny. I forgot he did that.

  2. David, thanks for commenting. Wasn't Douglas a funny little thing!

  3. Rats are pets not everyone appreciates or "gets". Have you noticed that? Perhaps it's the snake-ish tail, or the history of plagues and such. One must truly know a rat to love him.

  4. Douglas was adorable! Especially his marking his territory everywhere he went, he left little puddles of urine (that probably included Scott's head) but you have to take the not so good with the good . . . and Douglas was GOOD!