Saturday, 21 September 2013


What a gorgeous cat!

However, just few weeks ago we were dealing with some terrible matting problems.
I finally called a groomer who told me 
that for sixty-five dollars she would give her a 'Lion Cut.'
Yes, it is just like it sounds,
they would shave the poor thing entirely except for her face and mane.
Now any one who knows Phoebe, knows that is not a very good idea
but what was I to do?
Good thing they require her to be up on her shots and I discovered
upon looking at her records that she was a month over.
So I called the vet and made an appointment
and after he had given her the shots I said
Oh by the way, do think you can help me with these mats?
He said, Sure, and proceeded to grab underneath each one 
with a tiny comb and yank!
Naturally I stood back waiting for -the Pheebes- to attack
but to my utter surprise she just laid there and took it like a man!
When he was nearly done she grew impatient and went after him
but no joke, she put up with it for like ten minutes.
The remaining few little ones Matt was able to take out
 with a similar comb that I purchased and now we brush her every single day.
We have discovered that she
 loves to be brushed and turns and bends so that I can get to all her parts.
Her coat is now silky smooth, lovely to pet
and she is acting quite queenly.
Of course Phoebe has always been in charge around here
so that's nothing new. 


  1. You said that Phoebe "took it like a man," that is why she only lasted a few minutes. If she had taken it like a woman, she would have endured until the end.