Thursday, 2 January 2014

Holiday Fun

We have had a lovely holiday season,
especially since two of our children came home from BYU
to spend their vacations with us!
We did a lot of fun things,
some old traditions and
a few new ones.

Here are a few of the oldies:

Gifts for Jesus

Cutting the Tree

Making Christmas Goodies

A Temple Trip

A Winter Walk on the Strubble Trail

We also spent several evenings caroling,
passing out our gifts and goodies to friends,
buying new ornaments,
attending wonderful parties,
and eating way too many treats.

Here are a few new things:

A Trip to New York with Friends

Invited a Friend to Spend Christmas With Us

Enjoyed an Authentic Chinese Dinner made by our Friend

Old or new, anything you do,
is awesome at Christmas time!

Happy New Year


  1. Wonderful old and new traditions. I know that kitchen now, and that table... and *sniff* that lovely little table in the entry... how I love and miss you my dear one!!!

  2. I'm coming out in Feb. for Dani's sealing. Can I spend some time with you?