Tuesday, 7 January 2014


     Today our Church meetings were canceled due to icy rain and frozen roads.  Unfortunately we did not get the word until after Matthew had left and we were on our way about five minutes behind him.  We tried repeatedly  to call Matthew but like the wonderful kid that he is, he turns off his phone to keep himself from getting distracted while he drives.  We were very worried about him, so we went ahead to the church hoping to catch up to him before he had any problems on the road.  We ended up close behind him at an intersection where the road had turned into a sheet of ice.  At that point there were several cars and everyone was sliding around. Matt had stopped and finally called us. Over the phone we arranged to have Dad take Matt's car and then Matt would drive home with me.  After several scary slides we finally made it safely home.  Matt mentioned several times on the way home how grateful he was that we had come after him because he hadn't felt that he could have made the turn required to get out of the mess at the intersection.  I assured him that his dad and I would always be there for him and that no matter what happened in his life we would always have his back.  He sat and pondered this as we drove slowly home and finally said, What great parents I have.  I thought about that and how carefully Father in Heaven has planned this earthly existence so that we are put into positions to feel feelings similar to His feelings toward His children.  Our Father will never leave us, we know that because we would never leave our kids.  Father will help, guide, protect and love us unconditionally and we can believe that because that is the way we feel toward our own children.                          

                                                         What a great parent I have!

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  1. He's a clever kid! Isn't a marvel that we are given this bit of practice time to be parents? I wonder about it, and then as I watch my own children parent, I realize it is the best way to learn real love. Love your words and love you.