Friday, 3 January 2014


Another of our sweet animals was Zoey.
Zoey was Sarah's puppy from the very beginning.
(Sarah was the only one who had patience with all her little quirks.)
We adopted Zoey from a rescue house
and were told that she was a pure bred dachshund
and that her ears were just a "puppy thing" 
and they would lay down as she got older.
She had also been poorly treated and was a little neurotic 
but we were told that she would grow out of that too.
Well, her ears never did lay down
and she was always neurotic,
but Sarah loved her 
and she was devoted to Sarah.

We got Phoebe fairly soon after we got Zoey 
so they grew up together like twin sisters.
See the resemblance?

They were often together
playing, napping and 


Zoey slept most of every day.

but we did find some useful things for her to do...
she was on the front of several of our Christmas cards.
This one said:
"Walking in a Weener Wonderland..."

And this one said:
"Dachshund through the snow..."

When we left for a three year mission for the church 
she went to stay with a new family and she learned to love them too.
When we came home it seemed best to let her stay where she was.
Zoey is a little old lady now and probably won't live much longer.
We visit her every time Sarah comes home.
She remembers Sarah and is always happy to see her.

 Funny, sweet little dog.

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  1. Zoey was greatly loved by the family, I didn't like when she peed in the house, but other than that, she was the perfect pet for the family.